What is the purpose of wet sieving?

Wet Washing Sieves are designed for wet testing of soils, cement, and other fine materials where samples need to be separated with the help of liquids

Sometimes dry sieving cannot produce the right level of separation of materials and therefore wet sieving helps to evaluate particle size distribution of granular material.

Wet Washing Sieves are designed for wet testing of soils, cement, and other fine materials where samples need to be separated with the help of liquids. In the wet washing process, fine materials are washed through the sieve without loss of any portion of the sample. In most applications, the water is sprayed into the sieve for a set time and under a specified pressure.

Wet sieving can only be done on material that is:

Typical applications for wet sieving include:

There are two different wet sieving methods – particle size analysis method using a sieve shaker, and the wet-wash preparation method. Glenammer’s bespoke wet washing sieves and sieve shakers are ideal for both methods and for accurately separating particles. They are manufactured with an extra-deep frame specifically for wet testing, which makes it possible to separate fine samples with liquid and avoid particles sticking to each other.

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Great service, fantastic products

For me, Glenammer have a combination of great service, fantastic products and excellent technical advice. They are the best in the world!

Mark Sedgley, Managing Director


Quality and service of the highest standard

We started a relationship with Glenammer in 2012 after Mr Allen Matthews visited us in Australia. The quality of the products and level of service we continue to receive from Glenammer have been of the highest standard which has remained unchanged since the beginning. The staff are always very approachable and helpful, it has been a pleasure and privilege to deal with them.

Nikki Norton

Geo-Con Products

An honest, two-way, working relationship

We have worked alongside Glenammer for five years and have always appreciated an honest, two-way, working relationship. We often pick up the phone and discuss client needs and how to improve and develop products to the benefit of both our family run businesses. We like Claire's fresh, open and honest approach and her desire to expand and adapt the business to keep up with the times.

CR Instruments Ltd

Value as well as excellent customer service

We have moved to purchasing our test sieves from Glenammer as we have found the costs to be good value but they also offer an excellent lead time for delivery, backed up with good customer service.

Mark Chapman, Testing Manager

Staffordshire County Council

Proud to work with them

The Chainbridge Steel Group are processors of mild steel strip mill products and have been working with Glenammer for 5 years now, supplying them with high grade mild steel for the manufacturing of their plates for their premium test sieves. Our businesses are both synonymous with high quality, accuracy and reliability, and we are proud to work with them.

James Moran, Director

The Chainbridge Steel Group

Global suppliers of test sieves.

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