Glenammer commitment and values

We have a simple philosophy

Our philosophy is to produce the highest quality of test sieves, backed up with excellent customer service.

We are committed to supplying sieves that reflect our strong passion for our products and will always strive for excellence and innovation in order to help our customers throughout the world achieve the finest and the most accurate samples.

​Our mission is to serve customers from all over the world with the best quality, engineered, laboratory test sieves.

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Family run since 1998

Our values are critical to our success

As a family run business we have strong values that are evident in all that we do:

We value the spirit of mutual loyalty with our customers, business partners and suppliers, and we firmly believe that long-term cooperation is key to a beneficial situation between all stakeholders.

We encourage an open and direct dialogue with honest communication internally in the organisation as well as externally with customers, business partners, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Customer trust is integral to our business as we try to do everything we can to satisfy our customers.

Global perspective
We think big but act small – our aim is to serve customers all over the world and we always strive to think and act as a global player whilst retaining our core values and work ethos.

We are pursuing to supply the best quality product that we can manufacture and provide exceptional customer service that fulfils all expectations.

Respect and teamwork
We respect every individual’s contribution and we also believe that it is teamwork that helps us to achieve our goals.

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