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When it comes to the food and drink industry, hygiene, accuracy and quality assurance are key. Sieving and filtration is a critical process for food processing and beverage manufacturing to ensure accurate separation of products and Glenammer have been manufacturing customised sieves to meet the needs of those in the food and drinks sector and improve processing efficiency for over 20 years. Whether it is coffee filtration, dairy processing, juice separation, seeds or grains, a high quality sieve is essential for quality assurance in the manufacturing of food.

We produce bespoke coffee sieves used to grade coffee beans which are manufactured with round hole perforated stainless steel plate and stainless steel frame, and also manufacture specific grain sieves with a 200 diameter frame with a bespoke slotted stainless steel perforated plate used for grains and cereal sieving.

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Grain sieves

Our bespoke grain test sieves are designed with various holes in order to test flour, rice, oats, wheat and other grains.

Coffee test sieves

We produce sieves specially designed for the coffee industry where they are used for grading coffee beans.

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