Civil Engineering

Our high quality test sieves are widely used in civil engineering, construction and mining sectors

We are passionate about our products and committed to helping our customers throughout the world achieve the finest and most accurate samples, whether it is to test concrete, aggregate, soil, bitumen or cement.

Our range of sieves include woven wire sieves, perforated plate sieves, wet washing sieves, and grid sieves, all of which comply with ISO and ASTM standards and are commonly used by civil engineering companies worldwide.

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Attention to detail

We are passionate about our products adhering to the most exacting standards of quality control at every level of production and our team take great pride in ensuring the production of high quality products.

Strong company values

Values are very much a part of what we are, who we are, and what we stand for, and we believe that it is teamwork that helps us to achieve our goal of being one of the leading laboratory test sieves manufacturers. 

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Global suppliers of test sieves.

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