Does Glenammer supply both ASTM and BS/ISO sieves?

What is the difference between 8" and 200mm sieve diameters?

What height of sieves can I get?

What if the size I require is not listed in the standards?

Can I use the sieves for laboratory experiments?

What materials are used in the manufacture of the sieves?

Can I order a brass sieves from Glenammer?

How can I protect my test sieve from damage?

Does the sieve come with a Certificate of Conformity?

Will Glenammer test sieves stack onto other brand sieves?

Is it possible to do wet-wash sieving?

How can I place/change an order?

What payment methods do Glenammer accept?

Can I return the sieves if I am not satisfied?

What is the warranty of the Glenammer products?

When will my order be dispatched? How long will it take to get my order?

What if I get my delivery address wrong?

What is in the Glenammer package?

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