Corporate Social Responsibility

Our corporate social responsibility programme is an important part of who we are and we take our responsibilities as both an employer and as a supplier very seriously.

We actively try to reduce our carbon footprint, and are fully committed to recycling as much of the materials we use as possible. From improving our labelling method to bringing the production of our plating process and our sieve bodies in-house, we are continually looking at our processes and products to ensure we act responsibly.

We invest in our staff and care about their wellbeing. To us, being a good employer is about helping our employees achieve their own personal goals, training and upskilling, and our commitment to this is reflected in our low staff turnover and the longevity of our business.

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Family values

As a family run business, we have a strong track record of supporting our local communities and helping causes that are close to people’s hearts.

In recent years this has included working closely with Broken Chains, a charity run by a number of local churches in Ayrshire to provide a safe refuge for the homeless and those with addictions and mental health issues.

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