Sieve shakers

Glenammer offers a range of durable sieve shakers, each manufactured to suit different requirements and varying budgets

Our sieve shakers are made with various motors including an electromagnetic motor and a 3D electro magnetic motor, and are fitted with either a traditional mechanical timer or a digital timer. Glenammer sieve shakers are durable and easy to operate and there is no maintenance required. We provide sieves shakers for the full range of diameter test sieves from 100mm diameter to 450mm diameter. Our sales team will recommend a suitable model according to your sample materials and test requirements.

All of Glenammer robust sieve shakers come with a quick release clamping system to improve the testing efficiency. Users can conduct both dry and wet sieving with suitable accessories and all models are capable of holding a maximum height of 850mm nested sieves plus lid and receiver (approx. 10 of 200mm or 8 of 300mm).

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GEM series

The new GEM Series Sieve Shakers are state-of-the-art sieve shakers that use a 3D electromagnetic drive providing highly accurate results.

SQ range

Our SQ range of durable and affordable sieve shakers come in Analogue, Digital and Variable models. Their functionalities vary between models.

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