Grid sieves


Grid sieves are generally used for determination of particle shape flakiness index of aggregates are suitable for hand sieving. They are manufactured using a powder coated steel frames and stainless steel rods and comply fully with EN9333-3:2012



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Care Instructions

Cleaning and Care


  • Precisely meet EN9333-3:2012 Standard
  • Durable, longer lasting precision engineering provides unrivalled quality
  • Suitable for hand sieving
  • Easy to hold with comfortable edges
  • Slot size: from 2.5mm to 50.0mm
  • Light powder coated steel frame with safety edges

Product Specifications

  • Sieve frame material: Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Sieve screen material: Stainless Steel Rod Sieve
  • Dimensions: 325 mm x 325 mm x 75mm Sieve
  • Available sizes: 2.5mm, 3.15mm, 4.00mm, 5.00mm, 6.30mm, 8.00mm, 10.00mm, 12.50mm, 16.00mm, 20.00mm, 25.00mm, 40.00mm, 50.00mm
  • Weights: 2.40 kg - 4.00 kg