Glenammer grain sieves are specifically designed 200 diameters frame with slotted stainless steel perforated plate these can be used for grains, cereals and tobacco sieving.



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  • Standards: precisely meet international (ISO/BS) and American (ASTM) standards Identification number
  • Traceable individual ID laser marked onto sieve body
  • Easy Clean Design: totally sealed no residual materials, no contamination,
  • Verifiable size: specific size sieves available upon request
  • Economical choice: longer lasting precision engineering provides unrivalled quality
  • Safety Edges: no sharp edges to trap unwanted material, no rough edges to cut or scratch hands and fingers

Product Specifications

  • Sieve Frame Material: Stainless Steel Sieve
  • Screen Material: Stainless Steel Perforated Plate
  • Slotted Holes Sieve Diameter: 200mm
  • Sieve Heights: 50mm
  • Slot Dimentions: 1.00 mm x 20.00 mm, 1.70 mm x 20.00 mm, 1.80 mm x 20.00 mm, 1.90 mm x 20.00 mm, 2.00 mm x 20.00 mm 2.20 mm x 20.00 mm, 2.50 mm x 20.00 mm, 2.80 mm x 20.0 mm, 3.55 mm x 20.00 mm, 4.50 mm x 20.00 mm