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Analogue Sieve Shaker

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Digital Sieve Shaker

SQ200 Variable Test Sieve Shaker

 Variable Sieve Shaker

Laboratory Test Sieve Shaker

Glenammer's rang of sieve shakers is constantly evolving as Glenammer manufactures shakers to order and also to customer’s particular requirements. All systems are 220/240 volt single phase. Glenammer supplies durable and affordable sieve shakers with the following three SQ models. Their functionalities vary between models. 

All 3 of these models are capable of holding a maximum height of 850mm nested sieves plus lid and receiver (approx. 10 of 200mm or 8 of 300mm). They all come with a quick release clamping system to improve the testing efficiency. Suitable for dry and wet sieving



Sieve Shaker SQ Digital/Analogue/Variable UK Manufactured

Sieve Shaker SQ Digital/Analogue/Variable UK Manufactured

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Supplying quality, engineered test sieves

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