2. What is the difference between 8" and 200mm?

Glenammer supplies both 8’’ and 12’’ diameter American standard test sieves, which are slightly different from 200mm and 300mm. 8’’ is approximately 203mm while 12’’ is 305mm. Please confirm the size when you place order your order with our sales team.

3. What height of sieves can I get?

Glenammer manufacture all of the standard size sieves with full height, half height and extra deep for wet washing. Please refer to the table below and send your enquiry to our sales team if you have any special requirements. 

4. What if the size I require is not listed in the standards?

You can get the full range of BS/ISO and ASTM standard test sieves from 20 microns to 125mm with various diameters. Please refer to Standard Size of Aperture. If the size you require is not listed, please send your enquiry to our sales team.

6. Can I use the sieves for laboratory experiments?

Yes, Glenammer test sieves are extremely accurate for various laboratory experiments.

7. What materials are used in the manufacture of the sieves? 

Test sieve frames and mesh are manufactured from stainless steel, the perforated plate are manufactured with mild steel and zinc plated

8. Can I order a brass sieve from Glenammer?

Glenammer only supplies stainless steel test sieves because stainless steel is a much stronger material than brass. It is more environmentally friendly. We strongly believe that although it is a more expensive material than brass, it is however the best material to make sieves from. (Please remember that all pharmaceutical areas as well as food use stainless steel and never brass.)

9. How can I protect my sieve from damage?

It is very important to use the correct aperture size for your samples, we would also recommend to nest a bigger aperture size sieve over a fine mesh sieve. Any woven wire test under 90 μm, Glenammer manufactures them with a backing mesh to protect the fine screen.

10. Does the sieve come with a Certificate of Conformity?

Yes, a Certificate of Conformity comes with the sieves plus a record card for your files. The Certificate confirms the sieve complies with the standards. 

11. Will Glenammer sieves stack onto other brand sieves?

Yes, Glenammer test sieves will stack with other brands as long as they meet the standards correctly. 

12. Is it possible to do wet-wash sieving?

Yes, you may want to choose Glenammer wet washing sieves which are designed deeper than regular sieves. Glenammer also produce wet washing lids and receivers. These come with adaptors to put a water flow in and an outlet for the water to flow out. 

13. How can I place/change an order?

You can purchase online from our online shop by following the instructions, or you can also contact our sales team directly through email ( ) or by calling (+44 1292 261444)

14. What payment method do Glenammer accept?

We accept both online payments and offline payments. You can follow the online payment instructions to complete the payment. We accept credit/debt card payments. Alternatively, our finance team ( can provide our bank details and help you to process a wire transfer. 

15. Can I return the sieves if I am not satisfied?


Yes, you can get a return/replacement if you are not happy with the product providing: item is unused, item is standard product and not bespoke.  If it is a warranty issue please contact our sales team. 

16. What is the warranty of the Glenammer products?

Glenammer is one of the leaders in the manufacture and supply of laboratory test sieves, and we provide a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects with all our sieves.

17. When will my order be dispatched? How long will it take to get my order?

We maintain a large stock which enables us to provide a very efficient turnaround of all customer orders. You will receive an acknowledgement email to confirm your order, and this will show the expected dispatch date. Our shipper collects daily.  

18. What if I get my delivery address wrong?

Please contact the sales team( as soon as possible if you use the wrong delivery address, we can also provide a tracking number from our shipper if requested.

19. What is in the Glenammer package?

You will receive our test sieves carefully packaged along with a Certificate of Conformity and a record card. Both of these have the same serial number which is found on the sieve label, therefore, providing traceability. 


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