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What is a sieve shaker? Why use a sieve shaker?

What is a sieve shaker?

Sieve shaker is an instrument that used in particle analysis. It is used to shake a stack of test sieves which are placed in order (largest aperture on the top and smallest on the bottom), so that materials get sifted through according to particle sizes.

Sieve shakers can replace manual hand sieving to conduct sample size reduction, material separation and assist particle analysis.

Advantages of a sieve shaker sieving

Compared with manual hand sieving, a sieve shaker has many advantages:

  • Test sieve shakers are capable of conducting sample size reduction utilising maximum number of 10 test sieves in one experiment. Where as, the number of test sieves used in manual hand sieving will be a lot more restricted because of the weight of both samples and test sieve itself

  • Sieving analysis with a shaker has the advantage of accuracy. The vibratory frequency and amplitude of sieving is consistent, which ensures the accuracy of the test results when repeatable tests are required

  • Using a sieve shaker is a more efficient method compared with manual hand sieving. Once the timer is set up the experiment will run automatically without needing users to be present. More important, sieving time is significantly reduced considering a lot more test sieves are shaking simultaneously.

  • Shakers provide more flexibility than manual hand sieving, especially when the sieving analysis requires assistance with liquid or glass beads. With some models of shaker, the user can adjust sieving power and speed according to the size, weight and density of the samples.

Glenammer provides sieve shakers that are easy to operate, maintenance-free for the users and suitable for all laboratory testing purposes. There are three different models available to choose from, depending on the type & size of the targeting materials and the level of automation required. All three models are capable of holding a maximum height of 850mm nested sieves plus lid and receiver (approx. 10 of 200mm or 8 of 300mm). They all come with a quick release clamping system to improve the testing efficiency.

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