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Three Glenammer Sieve Shaker Models Comparison

Glenammer supplies durable and affordable sieve shakers with the following three SQ models. Their functionalities vary between models. To choose the most suitable one for particular sample sieving, please contact us for a free quote.

All 3 of these models are capable of holding a maximum height of 850mm nested sieves plus lid and receiver (approx. 10 of 200mm or 8 of 300mm). They all come with a quick release clamping system to improve the testing efficiency.

SQ Analogue Shaker

The Analogue shaker is the most economic and easy-operating model that is designed to replace the traditional hand sieving.

- It has an analogue timer to adjust the operating time between 0min-30min.

- The sieving motion is vibratory, suitable for sample separation and can assist with most particle analysis.

- The equipment is easy to use and maintenance-free.

SQ Digital Shaker

Glenammers SQ Digital Shaker functions slightly different from SQ Analogue with the timing system, which will perform more accurately in experiments.

- SQ Digital has a digital display panel with an installed digital timer, customers can set up the operating time between 00:00-99:59.

- The system features a pause option where the timer can also be processed in intervals.

SQ Variable Shaker

Glenammers SQ Variable shaker is the most advanced model among the three. It has the same digital timing system as SQ Digital but more advanced functions.

- SQ Variable has a motor with adjustable speed. Users can turn the dial to change the shaking speed while test is processing.

Advantages of the adjustable speed are:

1. Provides the availability of changing speed on different stages, as each stage might require different shaking strength and speed. For example, in some particle analysis, towards the end of the test, lower speed works better to allow the fine particles to settle and sift through the mesh.

2. Speed adjustment provides more flexibility to experiments in laboratories where users need to separate particles that are different material, size, weight, density or viscosity.

3. Keep the sustainability of test sieves and prevent sieve from damaging. Generally, a lower shaking speed will work better with larger and heavier particles. This is because inappropriate shaking speed or strength might damage sieve frame and mesh.

4. Ensure the test results consistency. With the accurate speed and time setting, the test result will be more reliable and consistent.

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