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Test Sieve Size Convert Tool

ASTM: E11 and ISO 3310/BS 410 are the two most commonly applied standards that specify the technical requirements and corresponding test methods for test sieves. In the two standards, the test sieve sizes are expressed in different ways.

In BS/ISO standard, the aperture sizes are measured by the wire spacing. Nominal sizes of 1 mm and above are expressed in millimetres (mm); nominal aperture sizes below 1 mm are expressed in micrometres (μm). In ASTM standard, the nominal sizes can be expressed in inches or in mesh numbers. The mesh number stands for the number of wires or openings per linear inch (25.4 mm) counted from the centre of any wire to a point exactly in 1 inch (25.4 mm) distance.

Users can download the Full Size Table and index sizes to convert.

Alternatively, Glenammer engineers developed a FREE online Test Sieve Size Convert Tool to do so. It is a very straight forward and easy to operate tool. Users can simply select a size in one standard from the scroll-down menu, the equivalent size in the other standard will appear automatically underneath. The tool supports test sieve size convert both from ASTM to BS/ISO and from BS/ISO to ASTM. We would highly recommend you to bookmark the page if you conduct sieving analysis on a regular basis.

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