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Particle Size Analysis of Soil Instruction Using Glenammer Soil Testing Sieve Set

We have introduced our new sieve package, Soil Testing Set, which includes 14 sieves and accessories. The Soil Testing Set is designed to assist with the particle size analysis, which is widely used in classification of soils. The standard particle size analysis test determines the relative proportions of different particle sizes as they are distributed among certain size ranges.

Particle size analysis of soil containing relatively large particles is accomplished using sieves. While very small sizes are accomplished using the method of hydrometer analysis. Glenammer Soil Testing Set is suitable for conducting particle size analysis of relatively large particles.

Apparatus Required:

Notice: The balance to be used should be sensitive to the extent of 0.1% of total weight of sample taken.

Test Procedure:

  1. Take a representative oven dried sample of soil that weighs about 500 g. ( this is normally used for soil samples where the greatest particle size is 4.75 mm)

  2. If soil particles are lumped or conglomerated, crush the lumps and not the particles using the pestle and mortar

  3. Determine the mass of sample accurately. Wt (g)

  4. Prepare a stack of Glenammer Soil Testing Set. The sieves are stacked in order, with the largest aperture size at the top, and the smallest at the bottom. The very last sieve is 75 microns (No.200) and a pan is placed under it to collect the portion of soil passing 75 microns (No.200) sieve. Please refer to the table on the left side for the full set of sieve sizes.

  5. Make sure that all the sieves are clean . If any soil particles are stuck in the openings try to poke them out using Glenammer sieve brush (included in the set).

  6. Weigh all the sieves and the pan (included in the set) separately.

  7. Pour the soil from step 3 into the stack of sieves from the top and place the lid (included in the set) on, put the stack in the 200 SQ sieve shaker and fix the clamps, adjust the timer to between 10 and 15 minutes and get the shaker going.

  8. Stop the 200 SQ sieve shaker and measure the mass of each sieve and retained soil.


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