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Improvement and Innovation—— Brand New 3D Laser Marking Machine goes into Production

Improvement and Innovation

Brand New 3D Laser Marking Machine goes into Production

As a laboratory test sieve manufacturer, Glenammer has always been striving for excellence and innovation in production. Glenammer has used laser technology to replace traditional protruding labels since 2014. Laser labels are non-removable and non-changeable, and are also a more environmentally friendly labelling method. Utilizing laser marking makes Glenammer test sieves a unique easy clean design for the users with no residual materials and no contamination.

Our brand new 3D laser marking machine arrived in the factory on the 4th of August. After a full week of training with the experts, the machine officially went into production on the 14th of August. Our production capability increased dramatically due to faster labelling. Our customers can now expect faster delivery from Glenammer.

New 3D Laser Label Design

3D laser technology is the most advanced surface marking technology at present. Compared with 2D laser, 3D has some extra features which enable us to:

-Make much bigger and clearer labels for different diameter sieves.

With 600mm x 600mm marking area, 3D laser is able to deliver more precise marking performance on curved surfaces.

- Mark labels at a speed three times faster than before (Avg 30s per sieve).

Labeling used to be the bottle neck of our production process. This held-up orders being disptached. Now we should be able to provide more efficient and faster turn around of all customer orders.

- Present high solution logos and images on each label

3D has better image processing technology and can fulfill perfect control of any complex 3D structure.

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