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Glenammer distributes to customers from all over the world. At present, our test sieves and sieve shakers are sold to over 71 different countries worldwide. Glenammer maintains a superior standard of manufacturing and is recognised globally with a good reputation for high quality products and reliable customer service.    


As a laboratory test sieve manufacturer, Glenammer has always been striving for excellence and innovation in its production. We are aiming to help customers throughout the world achieve the finest and most accurate samples and ultimately make the sieving process an enjoyable experience.  

​Glenammer Worldwide Suppier

In order to manufacture the highest quality test sieves, Glenammer sources suppliers from all over the world to ensure each component we use contributes to excellence. We have been fortunate enough to have held long-term business partnership for many years. Glenammer and our business partners share the same values and passion, which is to be the best in the industry. 

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Supplying quality, engineered test sieves


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